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Have you written a book, but have no idea of how to format it or how to create a professional-looking cover? Why, you have come to the right place. As an author, I have several years of experience and would be delighted to help you out. I do all genres and can provide covers for both e-books and hard copies. 

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A book cover can either be a front cover only (for an e-book) or a full cover (front, back, and spine for a physical copy).

Price for an e-book cover: $75.

Price for a full cover: $200.

Price for both a full cover and an e-book cover: $250.

For your full cover, I will need to know the following things:

  • book size (6x9, 5x8, etc.,)

  • the exact page number in your book, including blank pages, that can be divided by four (if your book is 162 pages, you will have to add two blank pages so the page number can be divided by four,)

  • if you will go with cream or white pages (cream is mostly used by fiction authors, white is mostly used by non-fiction authors, but cream paper is also heavier than white paper and therefore slightly more expensive)



Book formatting is the inside of the book; the typography, the page numbering, the drop caps, the illustrations, the content, the chapter pages, and more. 

I will need your finished and fully edited text for this project.

Price for book formatting: $600 for light design, $700 for medium design, 800 for heavy design. 

Books with many pictures, different fonts, and colours, like children's story books, comic books, cook books, history books, RPG journals, etc., will be placed in the Heavy Design category, while a Light Design book usually only have two fonts. A Medium Design book might have three fonts, plus maybe up to five images throughout the book.


Remember: italics, bold, and underline are not fonts.


When you come to me, we will classify your book into one of these three categories. Most books are classified in either the light or medium (regular novels and short stories).

The only things that will change in between the categories are price and time. A heavy design book will take more time and cost more to create than a light design book. It will also cost more to re-design a heavy design book.


For more information on book formatting and author services, please look here


  • Price for e-book cover design and e-book formatting: $650 for light design, 750 for medium design, and 850 for heavy design.

  • Price for full print cover design and full print book formatting: $730 for light design, $830 for medium design, and $930 for heavy design.

  • Price for e-book cover, e-book print formatting, full print cover, and full print formatting: $830 for light design, $930 for medium design, and $1030 for heavy design.


If you prefer to look at our much affordable author bundles instead, you can do so hereDon't forget to scroll down a bit to find the right place.


If you find that you want to re-design your cover and/or your formatting, I can definitely do that for you. The price for re-formatting would be:

  • Light Formatting: $250

  • Medium Formatting: $300

  • Heavy Formatting: $395


Please, before contacting me, read the fine print.

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