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Some of the best roleplaying game memories come from the handouts. To be able to hold that ransom note in your hands, to read that prophecy with all its ornaments, or to view a folder with newspaper clippings and old photos adds so much atmosphere to the game that the players will love you for it. I can help you make those memories come alive and make your players' eyes glitter no matter what game you're GMing.

To see the full view, click on the image.

A handout can be physical or digital depending on if you organize a larp or have a role-playing game where everyone is at the same location, or if you have an RPG stream going on. In any of these cases, a handout enhances the experience for the player. It can be an old prophecy in a D&D campaign, a police file in Delta Green, or a diary entry in Call of Cthulhu.

Hellhag Productions deliver digital files in PNG, JPG, and PDF format. We do not deliver printouts. You can of course print them out yourself. All files are of high quality and come in 300 px.


It is important to understand that the files are copyrighted and not for re-selling. 

Every handout is different. Some are easy to make with only a few effects, while others take days to complete. Therefore, it is difficult to give a set price. It all depends on how complicated it is to create the piece you want.  

However, CONSULTATION IS ALWAYS FREE. Contact me with your suggestion and I will give you a price. There will also be a bundle discount if you are looking for several pieces for your game. If you have a file or a digital photo that you want me to use, it is extremely important that you own the rights for said file or photo and that you can provide proof. I do not deal with already copyrighted material.

All prices are in USD.

Below are a couple of examples.




Torn-paper-frame-01 copy.png

cost $35.


Chickasawhay River Map.jpg


Davies Landing Map cropped.jpg

cost $100.

Please, before contacting me, read the fine print.

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