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You've been nursing thoughts of starting a magazine, but don't know the graphic design around it. I can help you with that, either by creating a template for you to use for upcoming magazines, or to create the magazine itself if you provide the text and images you want to be included.

Is a magazine too large for you? Why not go with a pamphlet? It's short and straight to the point, and people love reading pamphlets. 

Maybe, you own a company and you need an end-of-the-year report. Just send your text and numbers to me and I can fix it for you.

To see the full view, click on the image.

Pricing of magazine: The price of a magazine will differ depending on several aspects, like page count, for example. A ten-page magazine will cost from $150.

Pricing of pamphlet: A pamphlet is only one page. It will cost $35.

Pricing of report: Just like with the magazine, the price depends on several aspects. Contact me for a quote.

Please, before contacting me, read the fine print.

All prices are in USD.

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