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Posters are especially good when you want to get people's attention. 

They will make your message stand out and it is a great way to make people interested in your company or activities.

The poster comes in the size of 18x24. It is a high-quality digital file in 300 px, and you will get it in the format of PNG, JPG, and PDF. That means that you can use it online as well as print it at your local print shop.

Price for poster: $40 CAD

A banner is for your channel or your website. It is a way for you to stand out from the rest, to put a unique touch that immediately catches the viewer's eye. A banner can come in several different sizes depending on what media you are going to use it for.

It will come as a high-quality file in 300 px and you will get it in the format of PNG and JPG.

Price for banner: $40 CAD

Please, before contacting me, read the fine print.


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