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Did you know that Hellhag Productions also publishes award-winning books? Check out the unique book series about the Field Researchers, a cosmic horror experience with a dash of hope in the mix, or enjoy a few short stories set in other universes. There is also a one-of-a-kind drabble anthology that A.E. Hellstorm has participated in.

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Other Books, Anthologies, and Short Stories!

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This is the very first book that I participated in. It is written in Swedish and it is not available on Amazon. However, if anyone is interested in it, I have a few books left. You can contact me here, in that case.


Upcoming novels, short stories,
and graphic novels

I have A LOT of stories that I want to write, from seven more books about the Field Researchers, to two spin-off series of the Field Researcher series, to short stories, a drabble anthology, graphic novels, cookbooks, and children's stories. However, the two that I am concentrating on right now are the following:

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1919. How did it all start? Follow Lady Geraldine Hawthorne from the comfortable upper class life in Britain, to the hot, dusty desert in Egypt, to the blue Aegean Sea, and at last, to cold Detroit where the foundation is laid for Western Shore University.

Graphic novel.

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In 1969, Larry meets a mysterious woman. Who is she, and does she hold the keys to the future or the past, or both?

An Interactive Adventure.

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