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The Letters That She Wrote by Mary Ann Brandt
Drama Fiction Novel Example

The Extra Large Author Bundle contains the following:

  • Covers (1 E-book cover, 1 Full print paperback cover, 1 Full print hardback cover, 1 Animated print cover)

  • Print Book Formatting, E-book Formatting

  • Business Kit (Logo set design, business card design, stationary design, and 8 card designs (Easter, Summer, Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Rememberance Day, Christmas, New Year - or any other set of your choice))

  • Marketing kit (4 cover photos for your favourite social media platforms, 4 posters for print-out/internet, 1 double-sided bookmark, 1 single-sided bookmark, 1 e-book mock-up, 1 book mock-up)

  • Swag design (4 designs for swag)

Below is an example of an extra large author bundle for a drama fiction novel.
However, this is just an example. Each individual author will discuss their ideas with the designer to get their own customized bundle.


E-book Cover

The Letters That She Wrote

Full Print Book Cover

The Letters That She Wrote full cover

Animated Book Cover



Example of formatting of the first pages - printed book

The Letters That She Wrote Formatting2.jpg
The Letters That She Wrote Formatting5.jpg

Example of formatting of the first pages - e-book


Logo Set Design



FP expanded.png






Logoset colours

Logoset colours.png

Business Card Design

Business Card
branding_identity_mockup 1.png

Stationary Design

Postcard Design

8 card designs.
(Easter, Summer, Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas, New Years - or any other set of your choice.)

Postcards 1
Postcards 3
Postcards 4
Postcards 5
Postcards 6
Postcards 7
Postcards 8


Cover Photos

Social Media Cover Photo 1

Facebook Cover Photo

Social Media Cover Photo 2

Twitter Banner

Social Media Cover Photo 3

Linkedin Header

Social Media Cover Photo 4

Email Header


Poster 1

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 4


Double-sided Bookmark

Bookmarks 1 Front
Bookmarks 1 Back

Single-sided Bookmark

Bookmarks 2


E-book Mockup

Book and E-book Reader Mockup
085-6x9-Front-Back-Paperback-COVERVAULT copy.png

Paperback Book Mockup

Dust-Jacket-4 copy.png

Dust Jacket Mockup


Swag Design 1

Swag 1 with glitter.png

Example of use of swag design 1

Backpack Mockup Swag 1.png

Swag Design 2

Example of use of swag design 2

Swag 2 ex.png

Swag Designs 3 and 4

Swag 3.png

Example of use of swag design 3 and 4

Swag 4b copy.jpg
Swag 3 and 4.png


You contact Hellhag Productions and tell us about your book and your idea for your cover.

Together, either via email or Zoom, we talk about fonts, colours, themes, style, and imagery, if your book is part of a series or a stand-alone, and if you have a brand you want to use. If you have inspiration pictures, we can use them as a starting point.

Up to this point, you are completely free to walk away if you decide that we are not a good match. 


However, if you think that we will be a good team, you pay the 50% non-refundable deposit and Hellhag Productions will get to work.

During three weeks' time, Hellhag Productions will work on a few different e-book cover drafts and present them to you.

From the different drafts, we talk about what you like and what you don't like, and from this, Hellhag Productions create an e-book cover for you.

When the e-book cover is presented to you, you will get a chance to go over things with us that might not have worked out the way you thought.


Hellhag Productions will redo the e-book cover and present the final version to you.

Next steps are the full-print book cover, the marketing kit, and the swag design. The process is very similar to that of the e-book cover design, meaning that we discuss your vision and Hellhag Productions creates the products.

When the products are finished, you pay the owed amount and Hellhag Production will send the products to you in the following formats: JPG, PNG, and PDF.

All prices are in USD.

During the whole process, it is very important that you are transparent and tell us exactly what you want so that you end up with a product that you will love and treasure over the years to come.

It is also important to understand that Hellhag Productions is not responsible for any spelling mistake or grammatical error in text that has been sent by the client to be used in the design.

You get two (2) remakes of the cover included in the price. If there still are things you would like to change after these remakes, each new remake will add $35.00 to the price.

You get one (1) remake of the swag design included in the price. If there still are things you would like to change after this remake, each new remake will add $25.00 to the price.

You get one (1) remake of the formatting included in the price. If there still are things you would like to change after this remake, each new formatting will add $250.00 to the price.

ORIGINAL PRICE: $2380** (e-book cover $75, full-print cover $200, interactive print cover $55, print book formatting $600**, e-book formatting $200**, business kit $600, marketing kit $490, swag design* $160)


If you are interested in single priced items, please contact Hellhag Productions.

* Hellhag Productions only delivers the design, not the physical product (mug, shirt, tote bag, pillow, etc.)

** Both the Bundle Price and The Book Formatting Price for print and e-book are intended for standard books without images and/or graphs. If your book contains such, prices may vary depending on the quantity.

IF this is the case with your book, the price change will be made clear from the beginning.

Hellhag Productions reserves the right to change the products' prices at any time without further notice.

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